More on the ‘Lie’

The problem with deceit is that it is the ultimate weapon.

Take my ‘lie.’ When things aren’t going smoothly it becomes more than mere deceit. At these moments it is a potential weapon, the first article of war that burns within me.

And it only serves to make matters all the more worse.

As a weapon its power is legion. When she pisses me off it urges me to tell her. To reveal that I never intended to touch her hand that fateful night. To mention that what she takes to be the start of our relationship was just… an accident.

And that urge is pure vengeance.

The ‘lie’ now becomes a set of words, designed to hurt.

And what scares me is that I would use them without any regard for my own preservation…

Now she might shrug it off (given roses and chocolates and Baileys…). But no matter how happy we might then seem the ‘lie’ would live on.

In both of us.

And when the tables turn, and they would, she would use the ‘lie’ against me.

Because my words would fester in her heart from then on, and thus my vengeance would be the undoing of everything.

So much for the ‘truth…’