The Dentith Files – Satanic Albany

Between 2008 and 2010, Matthew Dentith first joined 95bFM’s Simon Pound, then José Barbosa, on Sunday mornings to talk about conspiracy theories. Listen, as they say, again!

Another fortnight, another Conspiracy Theory. Next time I’m hoping to present an interview with Dr. Charles Pigden (of the University of Otago). It’ll be a pre-record so I will be able to sit at home and listen to myself. I might then walk around the house declaring myself to be finally bilocal. My (potential) new flatmates might then start advertising for a replacement me. If I’m truly bilocal I’ll be able to apply.

Anyway, here be the notes on the Freemasons, Satanists and Albany. I’m sure it wasn’t meant to be this humourous.

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The Notes:

The claims:

1. Albany City is being built in the shape of a huge Masonic/occult symbol.

2. Its streets are named after Satanic authors and occult practices.

3. Auckland City and North Shore City’s logos are of Masonic design.

4. The governance of the Auckland Region is in the control of a secret society (the Masons-cum-Satanists).

Claim One: Albany is being redeveloped in the shape of the Masonic Symbol ‘The Eye of Providence.’

Here’s the Eye of Providence, a common enough Masonic Symbol (as seen on the American dollar bill):

The Eye of Providence (as seen on the American dollar bill)

Here’s the Albany masterplan:

Albany city plan mock-up

Now, I will admit that you can, kind of, see the Eye shape and a triangle above it, which makes it look a little Eye of Providency, but then again, what does that really mean or signify? We see patterns and thus it’s easy to find the Eye of Providence if that is what you are looking for.

In Belmont/Bayswater, two neighbouring suburbs also on the North Shore, there is a set of streets in the shape of a Hammer and Sickle, a Communist symbol.

Bayswater\'s Hammer and Sickle

Rumour has it that the design came from a disgruntled city planner in the 1930s.

The kind of worry this piece of ‘worrying symbolism’ seems to relate to is the notion that we are somehow affected by the very design of the streets on which we live, work and play. Yet who is the MP for the North Shore? Yes, it’s the noted Communist Wayne Mapp.

Back to the Eye. The Eye of Providence is really a deist symbol rather than a Masonic one. It symbolises the existence of a higher power; it’s placement on the American dollar bill (which came late in the history of the USA) is a reference to the notion that God, as a general concern (not necessarily the Christian one) is the guarantor of the rights and obligations given by the Constitution. Freemasons make use of the Eye as a symbol, yes, but they aren’t the only group to do so. We should be grateful to the city planners of Albany that they want to do the same.

Claim Two: Streets are being named after sinister individuals of Masonic character.

This is just silly. The first piece of evidence is that Elliot Rose Ave is named after the author of ‘A Razor for a Goat,’ a book on satanic witchcraft. Now, ‘Razor for a Goat’ is a serious, scholarly look at the history of modern witchcraft and how it related to the pre-Christian religions of the West; it is not a how-to-do tract. Frankly, I welcome the notion that we name roads after scholars. I look forward to Dentith Way and the Matthew Dentith Terminus. Secondly, Rose is not an uncommon last name, nor Elliot an uncommon first name. I don’t know the local history, but I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that there isn’t someone by that name who lived locally and had a lasting effect on the region.

Another piece of evidence is that one of the roads is called the Appian Way, and this is a Roman road cited in Masonic poetry. Two points; the Appian Way is cited in a lot more poetry outside supposedly masonic poetry and it is part of a (what some might say a disturbing) trend of naming streets after Roman and Greek places and people. There are lots of these on the North Shore.

Another piece of evidence: Monroe Lane is probably named after James Monroe. Probably? Not much substance there. Corban Ave. Supposedly named after a masonic phrase (actually, it’s or much earlier extraction) but possibly named after the Corbans, whose wine some of you might drink. Fairly famous family name in this country.

Oh, and let’s not forget Cornerstone Drive. Because only Freemasons use cornerstones. Whatever did the Egyptians do witthout Freemasonry to build their pyramids (of course, some anti-Freemasons claim the Egyptians were masons…).

Claim Three: The logo for Auckland the North Shore city councils are modeled after the Eye of Providence.

Well, they are both triangular., I will give them that. Possibly the triangles refer to the mass of volcanoes that litter the region, although possibly not.

Then there’s the concern about Numerology. Five stripes in NS logo. Eleven droplets on the Metrowater one… All of Masonic significance. But, of course, numerology is important to groups that predate the Masons…

Claim Four: The governance of the Auckland Region is in the control of a secret society (the Masons-cum-Satanists).

Now this is a weird one. Is John Banks a Freemason? Yes he is. Is he a Satanist? Well, given some of the publicity surrounding his return to the Auckland Mayoralty, maybe, but probably not. Is Mike Lee a Satanist?

Also, what kind of Satanist? Devil-worhsippers and goat sacrificers? Adherents to Anton La Vey? The former at least get cool robes and great workplace stories, whilst the latter are more like Libertarians-cum-Objectivists, and if it is the latter then maybe John Banks is mildly satanic, but that Satanism is quite different to Freemasonry, which is just a tad more socialistic.

There are two points here, one outrageous, the other slightly more plausible. The first is the conflation of Freemasonry and Satanism, which is an old prejudice and not really worth rehashing.

The second is the worry that our councils (and government) are filled to the brim with the members of secret societies. In Devonport, where I grew up, this was true… in the early part of the 20th century. The Freemasons, who had control of the Devonport Borough Council, tried to block the renovation of the local Catholic Church and the council minutes reflect a strong pro-Mason, anti-Catholic line. People in local communities still remember these events and so the notion that the Freemasons, the Druids and the like still have political sway continues, even though now the power and clout of these people is limited. If you’re really worried about who controls the city councils you would be far better off looking at their known political affliations…

Now, if you really are concerned about Freemasonry, Satanism and city-planning mayhem you might want to copy the following sugested submission to the Royal Commission and get your fears aired in public:

I hereby demand an Investigation by this Royal Commission into the apparent operation of Freemasons at the highest levels of local government in Auckland, specifically, but not limited to, Auckland City Council and North Shore City Council. This operation is as evidenced by:- the use of Masonic symbolism, literary references, phraseology and names in the architectural layout and street naming of Albany City, North Shore; the use of Masonic symbolism (the Eye of Providence) in the Auckland City Council and North Shore City Council’s logos; Masonic symbology on Auckland City Council’s website as at 18 April 2008.

I demand this Investigation on the basis of possible conflicts of interest for Freemasons working in local or regional government. I am concerned that their loyalty to their Fraternal Order (the few) may prove stronger than their loyalty to the people they represent (the many) – and that this could affect Local and Community future Decision Making and Accountability in government (as it appears to have affected these areas in the very recent past).

I recommend very strongly that the Commission recommends the banning of members of such fraternities and secret societies from working in Local and Regional Government in Auckland.

I voice these concerns in response to sections 31-52 of the Commission’s Calls for Submission document.

One Reply to “The Dentith Files – Satanic Albany”

  1. Tena koe Mr Dentith,

    This is Gu3rilla PR. Thankyou for your coverage of our viral email on Freemasonry in Auckland Government (Sunday Breakfast, 18 May).

    Our aim in breaking the story was to highlight use of Masonic knowledge in Fractional Reserve Banking, seedstock control / GE and Codex Alimentarius. These will affect New Zealanders very soon. We wished to use the concrete facts of Albany City (please excuse the pun) as a launchpad.

    But on to some specifics of your report… and a little bit of magic, ‘cos we love that.

    You’ve put a spin on things here, literally – for the benefit of your audience, please rotate the Albany City Masterplan image back 141 degrees counterclockwise so that the eye is clearly visible at the top of the pyramid. Ta. It sits under the Mall (classy, eh?).

    Also, you should know that the story has moved on somewhat. We told people to remember the number five in our email, in relation to the pentagram and infinity. As a result of our email circulating, five submissions were made to the Royal Commission demanding an Inquiry into Masonic Practice in Auckland Government, in the short time prior to submissions closing (see Yes, we had a little fun there.

    Anyway, this is now a matter of official Inquiry by the Royal Commission. On which point, someone might like to ask the Commissioners (including International Monetary Fund man David Shand) if they’re Freemasons. And to declare a Conflict of Interest in their Inquiry if so.

    As for the coincidences of the Albany City street names having Masonic relevances, well sure, they could be coincidences. But all of them? We don’t think so. Not with the proximity of Mason’s Road and the Lodge 😉

    Finally, we don’t think Freemasonry is evil. It’s how the knowledge is used that matters. We encourage people to understand it, that’s all. And we take comfort in the fact that people who should get this, will get this.

    Kia ora, ||| Email to subscribe

    “Enlightenment for all, even Editors!”


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