If I were more musically inclined I’d make the title a Prince reference, but that isn’t happening.

Celtic New Zealand Book Notes

(The image comes courtesy of the Fundy Post, who alerted me to the orginating publications presence and location within the University of Auckland’s library.)

So, 1999. As the image above should show to the discerning viewer, something was happening back then. A glut of Celtic New Zealand thesis tomes were produced.

Now, I’m fairly sure 1999 was the period in New Zealand where cheap offset printing became a reality and a whole host of small press publishers appeared, needing things to print. That is what I’m assuming; it may, of course, be utter tripe. Still, these books did appear and people like Doutré do treat publication, in any form, as some kind of public vindication of their theories. That so much paper should be wasted on such projects is scary.

Back to work for me; I have a test to write.