I’m all-a-twitter

Astute readers of the blog will have noticed a new item in my sidebar: “HORansome’s ‘All-a-Twitter'” which, for even more astute readers, will indicate that I have signed up with Twitter1. If you twitter, or tweet, or whatever, why not follow me in my endeavours. I’m hoping to use Twitter for more than just my ‘witty’ asides; it’s probably a better system for detailing the boring minutiae of my thesis-writing.

Me on Twitter


  1. Yet I continue to avoid Facebook like the plague; what is up with that?

4 Replies to “I’m all-a-twitter”

  1. Forgive me for one of my Last Man in Europe rants, but am I the only untweeting human being left?

    I know; it was not much of a rant, was it? I am all ranted out.

  2. Your just about the only facebook hold out left! Even most academics in bioethics are now on there. It turns out to be a weirdly useful way of getting things done… Join already!

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