Michael Jackson…

…is dead. Given that he was about to embark on a series of ‘comeback’1 concerts and the actual cause of his death was a surprise I imagine we will have MJ Conspiracy Theories fairly soon. I mean, if David Carradine’s death warranted calls of a cover-up the Michael Jackson death industry should be able to produce something much bigger.

There will also be comparisons with Elvis Presley, both as an artist and in regards to the theories surrounding his death.


  1. I know his artistic career was well over and done with and his financial empire was a-crumbling but he never really went away, did he? ‘Thriller’ is always alive in our hearts.

3 Replies to “Michael Jackson…”

  1. The real Michael Jackson died way back in the 1980s. He was replaced by an alien, which should be obvious to anyone who has compared old photos to new photos. I have no idea why anyone ever believed the “plastic surgery” explanation. How could anyone be crazy enough to get that much plastic surgery done back in the late 1980s when plastic surgery was in its infancy?

  2. ‘Thriller’ is always alive in our hearts.

    Really? I had taken some antacid for that feeling, supposing it to be heartburn (pyrosis).

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