Spring Clean

I have, after some time, uploaded the very terrible photos my phone takes to the computer. Amongst them is this ‘amusing’ snap of a concluding paragraph to “Tutankhamun: The Exodus Conspiracy,” which really exemplifies mere Conspiracy Theorising to a ‘T.’

Tutankhamun - The Exodus Conspiracy - p. 279

4 Replies to “Spring Clean”

  1. “Unfortunately there are no answers.” Might that be because the question is stupid? I take it that these papyri concern the captivity in Egypt which never happened.

    I like the notion of these papyri being tucked underneath dozens of insignificant papyri, as if the Egyptology departments of museums were like a stationery store – filled with minor papyri which nobody bothers to look at.

  2. Now we just need someone to exhibit an “Exodus papyrus” written in grammatically broken hieroglyphics (or should it be hieratics) and containing a yachtload of anachronisms.

    We can only but hope.

    — bi

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