Movie Marathon notes

Twenty-four hours of films. Here are my preliminary notes, wrote in darkness and whilst I was quite, quite, quite sleep-deprived at the time.

The Secret Four – The “Citizen Kane” of film noir.

Zombieland – The “Citizen Kane” of zombie films.

Forbidden World – The “Citizen Kane” of mutametamorphic scifi horror.

Vice Squad – The “Citizen Kane” of a night with the Vice Squad.

Paranormal Activity – The “Citizen Kane” of “The Blair Witch Project.”

Maidens of Fetish Street – The “Citizen Kane” of Peep Shows.

Mill of the Stone Woman – The Flemish “Citizen Kane.”

Night Train to Terror – The “Citizen Kane” of portmanteau horror.

The Visitor – The “Citizen Kane” of films that should have been directed by Larry Cohen.

The Informant! – The “Citizen Kane” of Corn-related Conspiracy Thrillers.

Creature from Black Lake – The “Citizen Kane” of Bigfoot films.

Howling 2: Your Sister is a Werewolf – The “Citizen Kane” of the Howling films featuring Christopher Lee.

Commando – The “Citizen Kane” of Alyssa Milano films.

See, every film a classic of its genre… Well, that’s how I remember it, anyway.

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  1. “Commando – The “Citizen Kane” of Alyssa Milano films.”

    There’s a classic DVD sleeve review right there. Hope someone quotes you on that.

    1. Noted and changed. I think ‘Night Train to Terror’ was my favourite. I did quite like the lo-fi FX and slow boil of ‘Paranormal Activity,’ although the lack of motivation for why it was happening means its not high on my ‘Want to rewatch’ list.

  2. “Commando – The “Citizen Kane” of Alyssa Milano films.”

    Hmm. Not sure about that one; Wouldn’t “Embrace of the Vampire” be the Citizen Kane of Alyssa Milano movies? Or is that more like the “Battleship Potemkin” of Alyssa Milano movies?

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