Postponement and a question

This weekend’s ‘Dentith Files’ has been delayed a week due to my companion in radio crime, José, being away for the weekend. Expect a Gage-centric show on the 5th of December.

Question time: I’m getting a lot of interesting e-mails and comments from Australians (which I’ll digest for the blog sometime this weekend). Any chance that the Australian promoter of the Richard Gage lecture circuit is encouraging his followers to get in contact? I admit, it sounds like a Conspiracy, but I’m willing to buy it for a dollar.

7 Replies to “Postponement and a question”

    1. I starting getting e-mails on Sunday morning. Believe me, when you get up and haven’t had any coffee, Truther e-mails filled with invective are one of the last things you want.

      1. Sadly, I know exactly what you mean. The Herald article would have got the ball rolling then, but did you notice an increase in the last couple of days?

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