The Trials and Tribulations of Copyright and the like…

So, my ever useful Google Alert for ‘matthew dentith’ told me today that one of my papers was up on .docstoc.

This troubled me.

Curiously, too.

I don’t mind that my versions of my papers and bits of my thesis are available online; if you trawl through my site you’ll find PDFs galore, but, at this stage, I’d rather they all came from here rather than get mirrored on other sites, uploaded by other people and get put in the public domain category. When the thesis is finished you’ll be able to read all of this material, in its proper context, on this site; the thesis will be available electronically to all those who would like to read it.

Still, this ‘fiasco’ has made me think it would be useful to have a single repository of all the PDFs I’ve slung online, which I’ll get started on over the next few days. As a starter, here are links to all those papers; feel free to read them but don’t upload them elsewhere without asking my permission first, please.

The PhD Pre-proposal (very out of date)

The PhD Proposal (very out of date)

PhD Proposal Abstract

The Literature Review – 2005

Presenting the Conspirators of the Conspiracy Theory

Conspiracies Then, Now and Tomorrow: How Do Past Instances Instances Affect the Likelihood of Similar Events Now

Rumours and Conspiracy Theories

I’ll go through and produce slightly updated versions of these and put them on a special page somewhere on the blog, along with a small commentary as to what role they play in the thesis, changes that have occurred, and the like in the near future.