Back on the radio

Just a quick update to say that:

a) the website is back up. My hosting provider is not being particularly good at the moment, but I’ll assume it’s a blip in their otherwise exemplary service record… for the time being, and

b) I’m back on bFM as of tomorrow. ‘Sunday Breakfast’ may well have gone the way of the dodo, with its host now a TV man, but the successor show, ‘The Cryptid Factor,’ with Rhys Darby and David Farrier, is a perfect replacement and I’m very pleased to be doing my schtick with those two ‘crazy’ guys.

I’ll be discussing Kerry Thornley and his various conspiracy theories sometime about ten.

2 Replies to “Back on the radio”

    1. It will, my friend, it will; missed out you have not. Only just got back from the studio; when the podcast goes up I’ll link to it and I’ll also host a copy of the segment here-ish (David and Rhys don’t provide the segments separately for the sensible reason that ‘The Cryptid Files’ is a show rather than a collection of segments).

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