Conspiracy Corner – UFOs over the Waitemata

Last week I talked about the appearance of five lights over the Waitemata Harbour and what some of the Chemtrail New Zealand people took them to signify.

I’ve been told, post the segment, that the lights in question were flares. Make of that what you will.

Anyway, I never did announce the winner of the competition from a few weeks back. As we only had one entrant, the DVD of “The Claws of Axos” goes to Daniel Schealler (who should e-mail me his postal address)

Which brings me to my next (and final point). Back in January I talked about a conspiracy theory which alleges that “Doctor Who” is a vehicle for the Illuminati message. Aspen, the main proponent of this theory, has been taking me to task in the comments of that post which you may find interesting (or frustrating, or both).

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  1. I cannot respond to you, via the Recent Comments venue.


    Before we proceed further, I aim to illustrate to you why dealing with your offerings and returns is frustrating.

    Admittedly, all structures – even the simplest that can be conceived of – are in truth respectably complex.

    However, when dealing with People, you have a choice: Deal with them as they come; or else, shove complexity down their throats.

    My advice to you is, if you want to bathe in complexity, either write a textbook, or, represent your decisions in the form of a novel, or else organize a seminar.

    If you desire to deal actively with people, online, and profit from it – in whatever way – you will need to streamline your approach and your attitude.


    I say “collecting”. You say “marshalling”. Don’t do that. It’s insulting.


    I’m playing baseball.
    I set the playground: I say, “We need to be aware, and we must pay attention to every detail.”
    I offer guidelines. I provide a list. It’s all proven operational material.
    You return with, “You need a theory to back it up, and second-hand literature to boot.”

    I’m sweeping the floor. It’s a white floor. I say, “I attempt to sweep up every black spot that looks like it could be detritus. Certain dots are permanent stains.”

    You return with, “You need a theory to relate the history of brooms to the dust material.

    I just want to sweep the floor. I just want to play ball.

    You return with, “There IS no ball game, and no floor to be swept.

    That which I have not perceived, or considered seriously, effectively does not exist.”

    1. Aspen, I grow tired of your constant attempts to school me in etiquette. You obviously have a very high opinion of yourself but as I do not share that opinion of you, your elucidations about my character mean nothing to me. Either talk about your “Doctor Who” theory or go away.

  2. I don’t know why you’re continuing with this, Matthew. We all know how it’s going to end – he’ll keeping on making unsupported claims and disparaging your character (while accusing you of the same) until you finally throw your hands in the air and give up, at which point he’ll swan off thinking he’s won some sort of victory. Why not just put an end to it now and save everyone some time?

    1. I’ve been asking that myself. I think I’m just about at the end of my tether and will close it down shortly. I suspect that, given my forced vacation at the moment, it’s just another thing to fill the day (but it is detracting from my other writing duties, so, yeah, it’s got to come to a close very soon).

  3. I made a very simple request of you. I asked you to provide some history per your intense interest in Dr. Who.

    Nothing given.

    I have already well described my Dr. Who theories. I’m sorry — did that pass you by? Apparently.

    As for your Yes-Men bucking you up and suggesting that I’ve ‘disparaged’ your character, I’ve done anything BUT that.

    You will recall:

    I back-tracked from my initial approach, admitting that I was taking the wrong tack.

    I took pains to recognize that your theory is likely valid within its own complete borders.

    I formally noticed your intelligence.

    to be continued

  4. Close it down, Matt.

    Every one of my predictions has been realized or else is being actuated.

    I gave you starter status on Dr. Who and you reneged.

    I guess I scared you off.

    I guess that makes you a coward.

    I guess you’ll shut me out.

    That was predictable.

    That has been the entire point of this exchange. You have performed well — as expected.

    Take care.

    1. Oh look, Josh was right.

      Aspen, the quality of your what you think passes for an argument is obvious to all readers of this blog. It’s a pity you never actually responded to my initial request, which was how do you reconcile your view with the history of the production of “Doctor Who.” Still, at least you now have my thesis to rip apart. I look forward to your dissection of it.

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