“Inferno” review #1

“Inferno”. It’s the name of my favourite Jon Pertwee “Doctor Who” story and, as such, I’m going to compare Dan Brown’s latest to one of the classic “Doctor Who” stories.

It’s not as good as “Inferno”.

Well, that was ambiguous.

Just like Dan Brown’s use of adjectives.

“Inferno”, of which I am now ten percent of the way through, has yet to draw me in to its story. Oh, we have the stock villain (or, from the looks of it, two stock villains), the daring damsel and Robert Langdon, who is incredibly fussy about his clothes this time around. There’s also the hint of a massive conspiracy being run by a group called the “Consortium” and a plot involving, I’m imagining, poisoning someone’s water supplies.

But, as of yet, the conceit of a Robert Langdon novel, the main character’s specialisation in the pseudo-discipline of Symbology, isn’t happening. What has happened is a chase scene that ended in the reading of some press clippings and a cube farm worker watching a video.


Back to it, I guess.