On my PledgeMe campaign to crowdfund a conference trip

There’s a conference in Miami on conspiracy theories that I’ve been invited to present papers at, which I can’t currently afford to go to. As such, I’ve decided to engage in a spot of crowdfunding to try to get me there.

Getting the Conspiracy Theory Theorist to Miami

To say that I’m apprehensive about this is to sell my anxiety short: I need about NZ$2500 to cover most of the flight costs to go from Auckland, Aotearoa (New Zealand) to Miami, Florida and whilst I have a tiny bit of fame on the internets, I’m not sure I’m “crowdfunded to the tune of NZ$2500” famous.

So, please do consider giving a little (or a lot) to my campaign to tell Americans how to think about conspiracy theories. There are rewards for certain pledges and, frankly, I’m liable to keep going on and on about the PledgeMe drive if pledges don’t come in thick and fast.

So, remember, pledge once, pledge twice: pledge for a lifetime! And if pain persists, see a doctor.

Just not me.