3 Replies to “Podcast – Yes, it’s a year in review episode”

  1. Potential defendants,

    Plaintiff requires you cease and desist any additional attempts at various American accents, as yours are beyond redemption. Otherwise we will be forced to deploy legal process to commit your single or several persons to a phonology asylum. Prospects for release are dim indeed. This is our first, single and last warning.


    Anderson and Lee, at Law

    1. Given how big and diverse the USA is, I’m confident that one of the six plus “American” accents I “performed” will turn out to reflect at least one US citizen somewhere. The fact those six accents were confined to only three “characters” is immaterial!

  2. The 1930s gangster, m a y b e. The rest–utterly unrecognizable. Besides, accents are a group characteristic, not a freak pattern within one individuals weird pronunciation distortion.

    Have a good new year. And cease and desist, well, whatever you want to!

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