New paper – Expertise and conspiracy theories

Another day, another paper; ‘Expertise and conspiracy theories,’ which is in early access over at Social Epistemology. Abstract: Judging the warrant of conspiracy theories can be difficult, and often we rely upon what the experts […]

Article – Secrecy and Conspiracy

What’s this? Another article? This time co-written with the wonderful Martin Orr? Published in Episteme? My, but aren’t we lucky? Abstract: In the literature on conspiracy theories, the least contentious part of the academic discourse […]

Article – Conspiracy Theories and Their Investigator(s)

A new piece my myself is up at the Social Epistemology Review and Reply Collective in which I claim: Surely this is how we already investigate conspiracy theories? Isn’t this project a dismal failure from […]

Replying to social scientists…

‘What have you been working on recently, M?’, some of of could at least bother to ask. ‘Replying to social scientists!’ I would doubtless reply. Indeed, you can see said reply here (co-written with the […]