Official Stories vs. Conspiracy Theories

Hello, new readers. Well, I’m hoping there are new readers; I’ve had some record highs for hits the last few days and it would be nice if some of you stayed on and continued to […]

Going to the Pub

This Thursday (the 8th) I will be giving a talk at the second ‘Auckland Skeptics in the Pub’ gathering at the Horse and Trap (3 Enfield St, Mt Eden, Auckland). Festivities kick off at seven; […]

The Slippery Slope of Conspiracy Theories – Skeptics 2009

I’ve booked me tickets (as a posh pirate might say) for me trip to Wellington; Skeptics Conference 2009 here I come! Given the exclamation mark, a ‘thing’ I hardly like to employ in scribblings such […]

Debate – Do we need God to ground our moral obligations.

Tomorrow (Thursday the 5th of August) I am moderating a debate on the moot “Do we need God to ground our moral obligations?” The location: HSB2, University of Auckland Time: 1-3pm It’s a face-off, so […]