So, I can no longer, in good conscience, vote for the Labour Party. I’m not going to cross over to the Right, so that leaves out National, ACT, the Libz, New Zealand First, United Future, […]

The Slippery Slope

So, on Monday morning the news was ‘Peace activists arrested.’ By Monday lunchtime it was ‘Terror suspects arrested.’ Monday night: ‘Suspected terrorists arrested on firearm charges.’ Today the phrasing is ‘Suspects arrested on terror-related charges.’ […]

Apathy Jack doesn’t write:

Today’s video is ‘The Mesopotamians’ by They Might Be Giants. It combines Ancient History and Pop with a charcoal animation style; points everywhere for everyone involved. It’s the latest video (the fourth) from TMBG’s latest […]

The Richard Burton Effect

Let me get it out of the way first. I did go see Jeff Wayne’s latest version of his only hit, ‘War of the Worlds’ and, yes, I was a little disappointed. When the holographic […]