Doctor Who – Listen

Let down only by Moffat’s decifing to continue to have the Doctor comment on people’s body image, “Listen” is probably the best story we’ve had since “The Girl in the Fireplace”. It’s smart, possibly monster-less […]

Doctor Who – Robot of Sherwood

It should be entirely superfluous and yet it starts off with some great dialogue and then settles down to being a decent crispy which plays with the folklore of Robin Hood quite effectively. The link […]

Doctor Who – Into the Dalek

A smart script which races along, a terrific performance by Peter Capaldi which marks this new Doctor as being quite different to his last few predecessors and a return to a version of Clara Oswald […]

Doctor Who – Deep Breath

Apologies to people coming here for talk of conspiracy theories: over the next twelve weeks I will be posting very short reviews of the latest “Doctor Who” episodes since one of the reasons I ever […]