House-sitting with the Fretless Zither

I’m house-sitting for the next seven weeks, which means I’m moving somewhere warmer than my flat but in a locale more awkward to commute from and more isolated in general. In theory this could mean […]

Another trivial update, brought to you by the vowels in the name of god…

Well, there’s not much to say this week. I’ve spent the last few days marking essays and today I’m going to embark on getting a paper ready for submission to an appropriate journal. And then, […]

Trivial update

I’m in the process of moving so there’s no real update this week. I also don’t (currently) have the internet installed in my new abode. So, in lieu of an post or a series of […]

Not Spent

The last post was part of a grand experiment using WordPress’s import filters, an experiment that went disastrously wrong. I may be spent elsewhere, but not here. Indeed, I have new vigour and life due to the […]