The @B3nRaching3r Allegations – Part Five

If you have paid any attention to Twitter or the Herald in the last few days, you will be aware that the people behind the blog Lauda Finem decided to release a series of intimate […]

The @B3nRaching3r Allegations – Part Four

The Ben Rachinger1 story has been picked up by the media. It started with on TV3’s “The Nation” last Saturday and then was followed up by an article in the New Zealand Herald on Sunday. […]

Episode 49 – The @B3nRaching3r Allegations

In which Josh and meself talk about the Ben Rachinger allegations of conspiratorial wrongdoing by Cameron Slater and Company, along with the claim that the real conspiracy is one against the “fine” people at Lauda […]

The @B3nRaching3r Allegations – Part Three

Lauda Finem Redux A quick update on the Lauda Finem issue; apparently one “Matthew Denteth” is causing them trouble, and they have evidence of him doing something shady in Hamilton. This “Matthew Denteth” they keep […]