As it should be well known by now, I accept the theory of Evolution by Natural Selection. Still, being a Conspiracy Theory Theorist I do sometimes read things in a conspiracy-seeking way (by way of […]

Correlation does not equal causation, gentlemen!

Nothing seems to excite me more than tales of Conspiracy in Aotearoa. Thus when Peter Cresswell, an Objectivist and Libertarianz linked to an article by Trevor Loudon and Bernard Moran about the Soviet plot to make New Zealand nuclear-free I was in conspiratorial heaven.

Fisking Fisk’s fiskers

So, the world (well, bits of it) are all in a tizzy because Robert Fisk believes that 9/11 was an inside job.People believe silly things all the time. In this case, however, it seems people […]

You will become like us

So, emotive language is now apparently something we should not be using when defending Science, Philosophy, proper Theology and so forth. Or, at least, this is what the people at ‘The Briefing Room’ seem to […]