Green is the new Red Under the Bed

This genealogy of the development of Climate Change Conspiracy Theories is both humourous, telling and somewhat related to my recent debunk on Soviet plots in New Zealand. To be read, enjoyed and disseminated.

The Dentith Files – Was the 4th Labour Government a KGB plot?

Well, I somewhat forgot to update the blog with the confirmation of my fortnightly radio hijinks. Jose is now my erudite host and today’s dissection of the Loudon and Moran article was, I think, rather thorough

Correlation does not equal causation, gentlemen!

Nothing seems to excite me more than tales of Conspiracy in Aotearoa. Thus when Peter Cresswell, an Objectivist and Libertarianz linked to an article by Trevor Loudon and Bernard Moran about the Soviet plot to make New Zealand nuclear-free I was in conspiratorial heaven.