My Life with Icke – Redux

Five years ago I spent eleven hours listening to David Icke, and wrote near nine thousand words on the topic. Here are the cliff notes, in preparation for his ten (I’m assuming ‘plus’) hour talk […]

My Life With Icke – Part 5

Summary So, here we are at the end of my account of the day spent listening to David Icke. What to say? Section four of his presentation was about changing the world or, to be […]

My Life With Icke – Part 4

On the rulers of this prison planet If you have been waiting anxiously for talk of reptiles, people of Jewish descent and Satanists, this is the post for you. Having covered Icke’s phenomenology and theories […]

Conspiracy Corner – Climategate 2.0

Last week I talked about Climategate 2.0, the less-than-successful sequel to the critically panned Climategate scandal of 2009CE.