Fisking Fisk’s fiskers

So, the world (well, bits of it) are all in a tizzy because Robert Fisk believes that 9/11 was an inside job.People believe silly things all the time. In this case, however, it seems people […]

Tripartite Division of Labour

Mr. Paul Litterick, of The Fundy Post recently asked: [A]re there instances of conspiracy theories that turn out to be correct? To which I answer a resounding ‘Yes,’ but in three parts. One: Any explanation […]

The Worse of Both Worlds

Inbetween reading academic tomes and watching ‘Doctor Who’ I do, on occasion, read spurious Conspiracy Theory literature. As of today I have finished (read that either way) with the whole ‘Bloodline of Christ’ fandango that […]

The Old Oil Chestnut

I seem to be delivering content to this blog at the moment and I have the horrible feeling that you (on meagre readership) might think this to be a) a good thing and b) a […]