They Shall Know Me By My Signs

‘They Shall Know Me By My Signs’ was a story I wrote well back in the yonder years of fortunes past. I rediscovered it today whilst searching for my IRD number (I’m a tax-paying citizen […]

Rising Bollard

Rising Bollard. It’s not the most auspicious name for a young man’s home town. Indeed, if pressed, Rising Bollard wouldn’t make it on to a top ten list of attractions, but at least it’s not […]

Soon to be straight-to-DVD cliches I

There is a serial killer prowling the streets of New York, killing seemingly unconnected people. A rookie cop is teamed up with a grizzled old hand on his last case. He thinks the killer is […]

Attempted Murder, She Wrote

‘Murder, She Wrote’ was, for a time, a common subject for memes on the internet. Most of them revolved around the ‘Jessica Fletcher’ is a plague of death that descends upon towns and cities; an […]