It’s started

As I suspected, conspiracy theories surrounding the death of Polish President Lech Kaczynski. Here’s a nice (but vague) summary article. I mean, look at the passenger manifest (he says, quoting Wikipedia.) In addition to KaczyÅ„ski, […]


I gave up on reading as a pleasure activity a while ago; I spend too much time working with words to truly enjoy reading them. I’m told this isn’t uncommon for PhD candidates in their […]

The Mystery of the Missing Website

I’m aware that some of my readers browse the site rather than rely on the RSS feed to find out what Messrs. Dentith and Ransome are up to. For that former group, the site being […]

Of import!

One of the academic lists I subscribe to recently received what some might take to be a most important missive. I share it with you because the sender wishes all to know that salvation by […]