There are times where I don’t know whether something is funny because of its context or whether it is just funny in its own right. Take for example the late, great Mr. Vonnegut’s novel ‘Timequake.’ […]

Comedy Writers on the Nature of Computer Games

Read this. It’s Simon Pegg (of ‘Spaced), Graham Linehan (the writer of ‘Father Ted’ and ‘The IT Crowd’) and some other comedic chappies discussing videogame writing. Go. Read.

Spoken Thusly

Jane Espenon, writer of such fabulousities as ‘Buffy…’Gilmore Girls’ and now owner of a development deal at NBC/Universal recently wrote an illuminating post on spoken dialogue that sounds as if it were written (using Anya, […]

Angels, Demons and the Da Vinci Code

As part of my researches into a course on conspiracy theories I have read all the Robert Langton (all two of them) books that Dan Brown wrote. ‘Angels and Demons,’ the lesser known of the […]