So, the Kaikoura Piece is off to a new journal. Now that I’ve had a bit of time to cogitate over the comments I got back on the revision I’ve come to another in my […]

Ode to a Irrational Urge

It is a little hard to know where and what to comment on at the moment. In Aotearoa we have Winston Peters and numerous Conspiracy Theories by or about him. Then there is the whole […]

Pejorative [Updated]

Over at George Washington’s blog the author asks why the term Conspiracy Theory is a dirty label. He then goes on to point out that if you do a search of the term Conspiracy in legal judgements the system can’t properly display the results; that’s just how often the term comes up (and this is in respect to convictions upheld on appeal).

First Draft

Oh, and it’s not the prettiest thing in the world, either. I call it Draft #3 but it’s #1 for those of you outside my arcane traveling filing system.–Have You Heard? Rumours and Conspiracy Theories […]