The Iniquity of the Conspiracy Inquirers

A piece over at the Social Epistemology Review and Reply Collective that is not likely to make me many friends in a certain part of the French Academy:

I was even more surprised by the incoherence of the piece in question, in part because of internal contradictions in their own arguments, but also because they mischaracterised my own work (and not for the first time). If I was a suspicious person I would have put this down to malice. Yet not being suspicious I also cannot fathom how serious academics as themselves would fail to check their own work before committing it to publication.

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I have, throughout recorded history, been rather dismissive of things like MySpace, Facebook, fly-fishing and colonial oppression. The latter two are not up for discussion…

The Flimflam 2k Turbo

Classically, Epistemology was all about individuals. Social Epistemology expands the notion of ‘a knower’ to groups; in the same way that individuals can have beliefs…