Table of Contents

A very minor post; here is my current table of contents from the thesis, for those who are interested in what might be within its (eventually) bound pages. The last few chapters are very unorganised, […]

The Abstract

Once a PhD proposal has been accepted by a Department it then will need to go through the administrative processes of the University to be confirmed. Essentially, the proposal goes to Senate and is voted […]

The Literature Review

A careful reader of my proposal will have noted that the document ends with a bibliography but doesn’t really cite anything in the course of the document. My (potential) supervisors and I didn’t seem to think that that was a concern (for we all knew the literature and how I was going to fit into it). The Graduate Committee, however, did think it was a problem.

The Proposal

The Move Tree did not actually go down that well with the Graduate Committee; I was told I would be allowed to submit a proposal but it was with some hesitation. I suspect that the […]