Christmas Hiatus #1

I had my bag stolen yesterday and the thumb drive on which my final post for 2006 was residing is now in the hands of the criminal classes. My discourse on Damascus Level Events will […]

So, last night, I decided to learn LaTeX (well, to start using a frontend for it; I’ll leave learning the actual intricaces of markup until later), mostly because the bibliographic software I normally use requires […]

Answers from last week’s quiz (with apologies to Kenneth Horne)

1. The ‘sinister’ meaning. Those of you who answered 70/74 need to see a better class of tailor. 2. Not particularly, although one respondent suggested that a certain type of ‘ex-conspiracies’ are always malevolent no […]

Desolate Title Page

No updates this week (aside from this post, obviously); I’ve been getting with the typey-typey and producing ‘words of academic merit’ (which usually translates to ‘Only readable by supervisors’ (which ‘readable’ might mean ‘Only to […]