First Draft

Oh, and it’s not the prettiest thing in the world, either. I call it Draft #3 but it’s #1 for those of you outside my arcane traveling filing system.–Have You Heard? Rumours and Conspiracy Theories […]


So, the first draft of my paper is written. Six and half thousand words on why Rumours are more reliable than Conspiracy Theories. It is already two and an half thousand words too long for […]

Kaikoura: The Dolphin Conspiracy #8

Well, here be another draft, hopefully the second to last (I will have to make another pass at it before I present the paper to the Department and then, after that, one more to address […]

Kaikoura: The Dolphin Conspiracy #7

Well, I’m back and I can safely say that the revised paper (the one you haven’t seen yet) went down a treat. I would say that all the comments on the paper were really questions as […]