A piece of thesis

By and large, whenever we hear that someone believes that an event came about due to a conspiracy we think that they are somewhat naively believing in a Conspiracy Theory and that they have made […]

Kaikoura: The Dolphin Conspiracy #5

After several days of writing and rewriting I have a version of the paper that I’m not so worried about people reading. Link removed; check here for the final version

Kaikoura: The Dolphin Conspiracy #4

Well, I have now completed the first draft of the Kaikoura Paper and my, it’s an interesting read. One that I shall be denying you at this stage because I prefer my first drafts to […]

Reading all over the land

So, with Christmas coming up I have begun to collect for myself a whole series of exciting books to tide me over the festive period. My current non-holiday reading is a set of Epistemology primers, […]